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  • Coincraddle has become a partner of! is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows users to choose the most favorable exchange rate among the presented services and perform exchanges directly on their website. One significant feature of this aggregator is their strong focus on security and providing insurance coverage for a portion of your funds during the exchange process.


  • TON Foundation suggests burning 50% of validator rewards

The TON Foundation has proposed a mechanism to burn 50% of transaction fees. If implemented, a portion of tokens would be burned with each transaction, while the remaining tokens would be rewarded to validators. This proposal resembles Ethereum's EIP-1559 strategy, which reduced inflation on the network. However, due to low transaction fees, this initiative may not be as effective for TON. The main developer of the TON Foundation believes that as the network grows, this percentage could increase significantly, leading to a substantial decrease in inflation for both the total and circulating supply of Toncoin.


  • TRX now available on the Ethereum blockchain

Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron project, happily announced a significant milestone: the native TRX token is now accessible on the Ethereum blockchain through the innovative BitTorrent bridge. This development caused TRX to surge by 10% in just one day. As a result, the asset secured the 12th position in CoinGecko's market capitalization ranking, reaching an impressive $7.6 billion.


  • Elon Musk accused of Dogecoin insider trading

Elon Musk is facing accusations of alleged insider trading related to Dogecoin. It is claimed that the billionaire sold $124 million worth of DOGE in April, coinciding with changes to his profile logo on Twitter. In a class action lawsuit, Musk is accused of deliberately driving up the price of Dogecoin by over 36,000% within two years and subsequently allowing it to crash.


  • Avalanche surpasses 1 million active network users

The Avalanche Tier 1 Blockchain (AVAX) has achieved a significant milestone with over 1 million monthly active users, marking a historic achievement for the platform. Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, attributes this growth to the recent launch of AvaCloud. This innovative platform provides the capability to run and scale fully managed and customized "no code" blockchains. In early May, Avalanche partnered with cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud to develop a metaverse deployment platform, opening up new opportunities for the Avalanche ecosystem.