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  • Meme-hype has overloaded the blockchain

Memcoins are now also available on the bitcoin network. These BRC-20 standard tokens became a major trend in April. Increased transaction activity led to an increase in fees: according to BitinfoCharts, they reached their highest value since April 2021, at $31,145. By mid-May, however, fees had fallen to $3,762.

Similar developments were taking place on the Ethereum platform due to an increase in the number of dApps users who wanted to send funds via the blockchain.

The end of HYIPs leads to a decrease in investor activity and leads the market to stagnation. Traders, having incurred losses, are trying to recoup them.

So far, only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been able to successfully weather the turmoil and remain in the top 15. The rest of the mem-tokens have burned like shooting stars with little impact on the cryptocurrency market structure.

Such ups and downs are inevitable, and traders should keep this in mind to avoid losses during the next meme hike.


  • European finance ministers are moving ahead with the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry with the approval of the MiCA bill.

All participants in the EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council (EcoFin), including the heads of finance ministries of the 27 EU member states, voted in favour of passing the law.

The decision was taken in light of the need to effectively protect investors who test digital assets. The new law provides a solution to this problem, officials believe. The recent turmoil in the crypto market highlights the importance of legalising the industry and introducing uniform standards.

Finance ministers have approved a system of information sharing between tax authorities to strengthen fiscal control over the activity of digital asset holders.

Once the document is approved by finance ministers, the law should come into force next summer, following publication in an official EU publication. Cryptocompanies have 18 months to adapt to the new rules.

This is an important step in developing the cryptocurrency industry and creating its sustainable future. A professional approach by EU finance ministers on this issue will help ensure the security and confidence of investors in digital assets.


  • Dogecoin network surpasses Bitcoin and Litecoin in transaction volume

The Dogecoin network has reached a new historical record, surpassing Bitcoin and Litecoin in transaction volume. The total transaction volume in Dogecoin reached 628,209, surpassing both Bitcoin and Litecoin. This notable achievement is attributed to the significant activity associated with the use of DRC-20 tokens, which open up new opportunities for blockchain-based digital asset creation.


  • Hackers achieved a new level of sophistication by tampering with a hardware cryptocurrency wallet and stealthily withdrawing 1.33 BTC. 

The owner of the device made no transactions on the day of the theft, and the wallet itself was in a disabled state and stored in a safe. Experts note that the victim purchased a counterfeit hardware wallet, which was packaged and covered with holographic stickers in a way that did not raise suspicions.

The miscreants replaced the ultrasonic welding of the wallet halves with glue and double-sided tape. They also replaced the original microcontroller with their own, which was stitched and loaded with modified software that bypassed the security mechanisms.