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  • The Spanish Tax Authority (AEAT) is preparing to send "chain letters" to crypto traders: 328,000 official notices confirming their fiscal obligations to the state.

According to El Mundo, the number of tax alerts has increased by 40% compared to last year, when the number did not exceed 15,000. This confirms the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in Spain.

In addition to crypto traders, lucky letters will also be received by those who have under-reported their income from renting or earning abroad. In order to avoid penalties, such people must voluntarily pay tax at a rate between 19% and 23%. Otherwise they will have to incur a penalty of 26% of the amount assessed

Spain's tax authority is preparing to send "lucky letters" to crypto investors reminding them of their fiscal obligations. Anyone who receives such a letter needs to voluntarily pay tax at a rate between 19% and 23%, otherwise they will have to incur a penalty of 26% of the amount of accrued liabilities. After all, the process of widespread adoption of crypto in Spain is already leaving no doubt!


  • Shapella update on the Ethereum network has taken place

The long-awaited Shapella update has taken place on the Ethereum network, allowing users to withdraw coins from stacking. Over 18 million ETH are now available for withdrawal. During each block, validators withdraw about 45 ETH from the stacking using 16 transactions of 3 ETH. Meanwhile, 95% of the total amount withdrawn represents staking rewards, and only 5% is attributable to the bulk of users.


  • BTC reached $30,000

This week, the price of BTC surpassed the $30,000 mark for the first time since June last year. Investors believe that crossing this mark is an important frontier and signals further growth. Ethereum also continues to rise and is approaching the $2,000 mark.


  • New record in long-term BTC holdings

53% of all coins have not been moved in the last two years. It is assumed that many of these coins were bought at the peak of BTC and their owners are waiting for a better time to sell. About 29% of all BTCs have not been activated in the last 5 years, while 15% have remained unchanged in the last 10 years.