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To send tokens on the Ethereum network, you need to have Ethereum in your wallet. This is so because each transaction requires a fee to be paid in ETH. The transaction requires certain computing resources, measured in GAS. The amount of GAS required to complete a transaction depends on the complexity of the transaction. The final amount of commission is determined as the amount of GAS spent on the transaction multiplied by the set price.


Can a token be used as payment for GAS?

No, this is not possible. Ethereum tokens are digital currencies based on the ETH blockchain, but with limited functionality and a simple infrastructure. They cannot be automatically converted to Ethereum without a transaction. ETH is required to work with tokens in a wallet.

How much ETH is needed to send a token?

The exact amount of ETH to send a transaction is difficult to determine. At times of high congestion, the amount can vary significantly. The price of a transaction can vary for different tokens. It is better to have more ETH in your wallet than the average commission in the network at the moment. The average commission can be estimated through the Blockchair analytics platform.